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On this episode we’re joined in studio by Amy Darwish (an organizer with Tadamon!) to talk about ten years of the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement in Quebec.

At the beginning of the episode we break down the new anti-semitism numbers and discuss the increasing repression against Muslim communities. We then introduce the JNF’s mysterious new Israel Advocacy HQ and bid farewell to the Jewish Tribune. Finally, we talk about Bill Marantz’s racist column in the Jewish Post and News, and then try to wrap our heads around why Mexican workers were paid to dress up as Chassids in NY.

If you’re interested in this episode, listen to our short “BDS Watch Watch” featuring Jewish Voice for Peace‘s Naomi Dann. In this interview, she talks about efforts to confront and discredit the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement in the United States.

Show Notes

1) Anti-Semitism Numbers:

Statistics Canada – Police-Reported Hate Crime in Canada, 2013

DOJ Canada – An Exploration of the Needs of Victims of Hate Crimes

B’nai Brith – 2014 Annual Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents

Toronto Police Service – 2014 Annual Hate/Bias Crime Statistical Report

CJN Paul Lungen – B’nai Brith, Statscan release Conflicting Hate Crime Reports’ – Paul Lungen

2) Charter of Values 2.0:

HuffPo Samer Majzoub – These two Quebec Bills Are Apparently Targeting Muslims

CTV Staff – Mayor Denis Coderre, Jewish Leaders Team Up to Fight Anti-Semitism

MTL Gazette Catherine Solyom – More Questions Than Answers About New Deradicalization Centre

La Presse Pierre-Andre Normandin – Ouverture du Sommet du Vivre Ensemble

CJN Janice Arnold – Montreal Mayor Vows to Lead Fight Against Anti-Semitism

3) JNF’s Mysterious New Israel Advocacy HQ:

JNF – $100 Million JNF Boruchin Israel Education Advocacy Center Opens

Jewish Business News Staff – John Boruchin Leaves $60 Million to JNF – Their Largest Ever Bequest

National Post Barbara Kay – Jewish National Fund is Contributing to ‘Cultural Malaise’ by Disinviting Mike Huckabee

JNF – JNF Vancouver 2015 Negev Dinner, Paying Tribute to the Honourable John Baird

4) In Memoriam:

JTA Staff – Ex-Quebec Premier Who Blamed Jews For Secession Vote Loss Dies

CJN Sheri Shefa – B’nai Brith’s Jewish Tribune Suspends Print Edition

JTA Staff – ADL Raps Michael Oren for Stereotyping Obama in New Essay

JTA Abraham Foxman – Comprehensive Approach to Fighting BDS is Needed

5) Interview:

Tadamon! – 500 Artists Against Israeli Apartheid

6) Photos of NDP, Liberal, and Conservative Party Leaders with CJPAC