Keren Soffer Sharon, Mizrahi Resistance, Anti-Arab Racism, JFREJ, Jews for Racial and Economic Justice

We spoke with Keren Soffer Sharon about her work at Jews for Racial & Economic Justice [JFREJ], and broader Mizrahi Resistance. Soffer Sharon talks about building JFREJ’s first Mizrahi Caucus.

In our newest BDS Watch Watch segment, we talked about the Institutional Jewish community’s awkward attempts to talk “intersectionality” as a means of countering the growing BDS movement in North America. Finally, we gave shkoyachs to Jewish Voice for Peace’s anti-islamophobia Chanukah actions, and the two activists/academics who took the Toronto Star to task for questionable historical fluff pieces.

If you like this episode, listen to Episode 16: Mizrahi-Palestinian Solidarity with Sigal Samuel, in which we interview Sigal Samuel, the  Forward’s Opinion Editor about Mizrahi-Palestinian Solidarity, and the popularity of intersectionality in the North American Jewish press.

For other #BDSWatchWatch segments, check out our Short: BDSWatchWatch with Naomi Dann, Episode 10: #RememberThis, and Ain’t Gonna Work on Saturday!,and Episode 8: Indigenous Led Struggle Against Polluting the St Lawrence Rive, and the last time we’ll mention #elexn42.

Episode 11: Mizrahi Resistance and Anti Arab Racism – Show Notes


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