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We spoke with activist and academic Dean Spade about resisting pinkwashing and the backlash that he received after the Creating Change conference. He also described what it means to talk about anti-semitism from an anti-zionist perspective.

Be forewarned, this episode includes references to hair gel, 1990s hair flips, and the difference between Adar I and Adar II. We also brought back the BDS Watch Watch segment to discuss reverse BDS in the US and Canada, the campaign for BDS at McGill, and recent fear mongering at York University. Finally, we return to Illinois to address yet another instance of menorah vandalism, and gave a Shkoyach to sweet potatoes.

To listen to other Treyf episodes on the subject of pinkwashing, check out: Episode 2: Israeli Pinkwashing and Quebec, in which Claire Hurtig (Treyf’s director of design) discusses Israeli pinkwashing and a recent Quebec delegation of LGBT Quebecois(es) to Israel. Further, On Episode 12: #Cancel Pinkwashing and the Intersectionality Boogieman Liza Behrendt of Jewish Voice for Peace discusses the Cancel Pinkwashing mobilization that took place at the National LGBTQ Task Force’s Creating Change Conference in Chicago.

For other #BDSWatchWatch segments, check out our Short: BDSWatchWatch with Naomi Dann, and Episode 8: Indigenous Led Struggle Against Polluting the St Lawrence Rive, and the last time we’ll mention #elexn42.

**We recorded this episode before the BDS motion (that passed the General Assembly at McGill University) was nullified by an online ratification vote. See the McGill Daily’s “BDS Motion Nullified in Online Ratification” and the CBC’s “McGill University BDS movement vows to continue”. Organizers are currently challenging this outcome (due to widespread online campaigning by Zionist groups, in violation of university regulation) so the story is still ongoing.

Episode 14: Resisting Pinkwashing with Dean Spade – Show Notes


Hair Flip, and Dippity Do hair gel

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