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On our bar mitzvah episode we talked with Ilan Benattar about Mizrahi Washing and with Dave Zirin about Zionism and Palestine solidarity activism in the NBA. In addition to reminiscing about our 13th birthdays, we talked about the process of getting older as a podcast.

For the interviews, we called Ilan Benattar from Jews for Racial and Economic Justice’s Mizrahi caucus to talk about a Tablet Magazine article and the concept of Mizrahi washing. And after some technical issues the first time around, Dave Zirin joined us for the interview, discussing Zionism and Palestine solidarity activism in the NBA. Finally, our recommendation went to the recent New York Times parody issue distributed by JVP/Jews Say No. We spoke to Beth Miller about the project.

If you like this episode, listen to Episode 11: Mizrahi Resistance to Anti Arab Racism, in which we interviewed Keren Soffer Sharon about her work at Jews for Racial & Economic Justice [JFREJ], and broader Mizrahi Resistance. You should also check out Episode 16: Mizrahi-Palestinian Solidarity with Sigal Samuel, which features an interview with Sigal Samuel, the  Forward’s Opinion Editor about Mizrahi-Palestinian Solidarity, and the popularity of intersectionality in the North American Jewish press.

Episode 13: Mizrahi Washing & Dave Zirin Returns! Show Notes

News – Ilan Benattar and Tablet Magazine

Tablet Magazine – An Intersectional Failure

JIMENA – Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa

JFREJ- Jews for Racial and Economic Justice

Tikkun Daily – For many Jews, anti-Arab racism hits home


My Zaidy’s Pizza– Thornhill

Pizza Pita– Montreal

The CJN – Rekindling the Light of Jewish Social Justice

The Interview – Dave Zirin 

Tablet Magazine – Identity Politics on the Court

The Nation – Two Roads: The Politics of David Blatt and the Passion of Steve Kerr’s Father

Rod Carew Time Magazine Cover

Edge of Sports


JVP Press release (includes archives of Twitter account, website, and the pdf of the paper itself)

Democracy Now – Jewish Peace Groups Reveal Role in Spoof New York Times That Criticized Paper’s Stance on Israel

Salon – Progressive Jewish groups make New York Times parody issue to protest newspaper’s “biased Israel-Palestine coverage”