On this episode, we focused on the new white supremacist movement calling itself the ‘Alt-Right’. We called Daniel Sieradski, founder of Jewschool.com & creator of the Nazi Detector App, to talk about (((echoes))), internet Nazis, and the failures of Jewish media. We then spoke with Matthew Lyons, author of a soon-to-be-released book about the US far right, about the origins of this new movement and who it’s targets are. We ended the show with our usual Shkoyach segment, Sam giving his to a meme and David awarding theirs to an unusual choice of attire.

Show Notes

Years of Radical Dreaming: 5777 Calendar
Jewdas’ Yom Kippur Ball
-‘A Tempest in Three Teapots: Yom Kippur Balls in London, New York, and Montreal’
CJN: ‘Multifaith Rally to Call for Increase in Minimum Wage’

Mic: ‘Coincidence Detector: The Google Chrome Extension White Supremacists Use to Track Jews’
CNN: ‘New York Times Editor Quits Twitter Over Anti-Semitic Tweets’
Fusion: ‘This Activist Found a Brilliant Way to Get Back at Neo-Nazis Using Their Own Tools’
Wikipedia: ‘Gamergate’

Matthew N Lyons
Three Way Fight
Wikipedia: ‘Alternative Right’ Journal
Forward: ‘Is the Alt-Right Reaching Out to Jews – and Why?’
Alternet: ‘How Trump and His Hipster Right-Wing Allies Are Trying to Use Gay People as a Weapon Against Muslims’

Harambam/Haramban/Harambe Meme
Aaron Akaberi at the Brooklyn Supreme Court