We marked three years since starting the show and read letters from listeners!

Show Notes


May Day

‘refua shleima

Belz (Hasidic Dynasty)

Wild Wild Country, Maclain & Chapman Way (2018)

Letter 1

The Free Voice of Labor, Pacific Street Films (1980)

Immigrants Against the State: Yiddish and Italian Anarchism in America, Kenyon Zimmer (2015)

Aurora Levins Morales

On the Arab-Jew, Palestine, and Other Displacements, Selected Writings of Ella Shohat (2017)

Unheroic Conduct: The Rise of Heterosexuality and the Invention of the Jewish Man, Daniel Boyarin (1997)

Letter 2

Jewish Currents

Letter 3

Treyf Episode 4 – Anti-Blackness in Quebec

Letter 4

Love and Struggle, David Gilbert (2012)

Laura Whitehorn on Treyf Podcast

Marek Edelman

Living My Life, Emma Goldman (1931)

Letter 5

Callout for submissions for Jews & Class zine

Letter 6

The Rebel Beat Podcast

Alex Levinsky (Mein Boy)

Voice Memo

What Are You Walking With? Protesting the Walk With Israel in Toronto


Muntader al-Zaidi: Iraq Shoe-Thrower Standing for Parliament, BBC

Radio 613

The Groundbreakers (Al Ruwad) on CKUT