On this episode, we took a look at a new generation of leftist Jewish media projects. We spoke with Ben Ratskoff (editor of Protocols) and Jacob Plitman (editor of Jewish Currents) about what’s led to this upsurge in the Jewish left, generational divides, the role of secularism, and what’s different about this moment.

Show Notes

Moving Day (Quebec)

Treyf Workshop at Limmud Beijing

1- Ben Ratskoff (Protocols)

Houria Bouteldja, ‘Whites, Jews, and Us’

Ben Ratskoff, ‘Liberation Utopias: Houria Bouteldja on Feminism, Anti-Semitism, and the Politics of Decolonization’

2- Hinenu Baltimore

Hinenu Baltimore Fundraiser

3- Jacob Plitman (Jewish Currents)

Jewish Currents Archive

Morris Schappes

Jacob Plitman, ‘On an Emerging Diasporism’

Treyf Podcast 19, Carl Rosenberg on the last issue of Outlook

4- Shkoyach

SLĀV: Why was the response to critics so insulting and shaming?

Critical bibliography on the reaction to the SLÀV show

Jews Say No!

Ongoing Nakba