On this episode, we focused on the anti-Jewish immigration laws passed during the 1920s and 1930s & how they relate to the present.

We spoke with Syed Hussan (a migrant justice organizer in Toronto) about the Canadian government’s upcoming apology for turning away Jews fleeing the Nazis, and how this fits into Canada’s immigration history. We also spoke with Libby Garland (author of ‘After They Closed the Gates: Jewish Illegal Immigration to the United States, 1921-1965’) about how the history of unauthorized Jewish migration can help us better understand the current moment.

Show Notes


‘Doykeit #4’ by JB Brager

‘Stop Weaponizing Louis Farrakhan Against Black Jews’ by Nylah Burton

‘Trudeau to apologize Nov. 7 for 1939 decision to turn away Jewish refugees fleeing Nazis,’ CBC

Interview with Syed Hussan

‘None is Too Many: Canada and the Jews of Europe 1933-1948’ by Irving Abella & Harold Troper

Treyf Episode 7 – None is Too Many

Never Home: Legislating Discrimination in Canadian Immigration

The Dominion Podcast Episode 2 – Migrant Detention

‘IJV Statement on MS St Louis Apology’ by Independent Jewish Voices Canada

Interview with Libby Garland

‘After They Closed the Gates: Jewish Illegal Immigration to the United States, 1921-1965’ by Libby Garland

‘Introducing a New Immigration History Teaching Resource’ by Libby Garland & Joanna Yip

‘Transplanting Cosmopolitans: The Migrations of Sephardic Jews to Mexico, 1900-1934’ by Devi Mays


‘Love and Struggle’ by David Gilbert

‘Kuwasi Balagoon – A Soldier’s Story: Revolutionary Writings by a New Afrikan Anarchist’ by Matt Meyer & Karl Kersplebedeb

‘The Brown Plague: Travels in Late Weimar and Early Nazi Germany’ by Daniel Guérin