David Zinman, Treyf Podcast, Treyf

Join us as we tackle the age old question: Is It Anti-Semitic?

We thought we’d share a recording that we found during our Pesach cleaning at Treyf HQ. We hope you enjoy this previously-unaired attempt at reviving our favourite failed segment.

For a slightly more nuanced take on the question: “Is it Anti-Semitic?, please listen to Episode 30: On Anti-Semitism in which we spoke with Mark Tseng-Putterman and Tallie Ben Daniel about Jewish Voice for Peace’s new book, ‘On Anti-Semitism: Solidarity and the Struggle for Justice.’ Episode 36: Understanding Anti-Semitism is another relevant listen. On that episode, we spoke with Leo Ferguson and Aurora Levins Morales about the new resource, ‘Understanding Antisemitism: An Offering to our Movement,’ released by Jews for Racial and Economic Justice.