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On this episode we talk about the continuing reality of systemic anti-blackness in Quebec. We’re joined by Rachel Zellars to talk about her petition urging the Quebec government to remove the n-word from all natural site place names. We also reflect on the 7th anniversary of Fredy Villanueva’s murder by Montreal police, and systemic anti-Black racism in the Province. Finally, we do a survey of the bi-partisan support for Israel in the federal election campaign and problematize the way we talk about histories of anti-Jewish lynching.

If you want to read more about Anti-Blackness within Jewish communities and efforts to confront it, listen to Short: Jews for Black Lives with Shoshana Brown, which includes a discussion about the Institutional Jewish Community’s condemnation of the Movement for Black Lives and Jews for Racial and Economic Justice (JFREJ)’s weekly ‘Jews for Black Lives’ actions across New York City. You could also check out our suite of episodes on Anti-Semitism: Episode 34: White Jews, Whiteness, and Anti-Semitism and Episode 36: Understanding Anti-Semitism.

Show Notes: Episode 4- Anti Blackness in Quebec

Anniversary of Fredy Villanueva’s Murder

On Palestine, All Parties Are the Same


Interview with Rachel Zellars – Anti Blackness in Quebec