Fight for 15, Immigrant Workers Center, Migrant Justice, Workplace Justice, Mostafa Henaway

We’re joined by Manuel Salamanca Cardona of the Immigrant Workers Center (IWC) to talk about the Fight For 15 campaign to raise the minimum wage for workers regardless of status.

On this episode: we condemn JK Rowling, the Papacy, and David’s cold. We also discuss the dangerous appropriation of #blacklivesmatter by Zionist activists, and contemplate the Jewish media’s treatment of a Jewish Defence League attack on a Buzzfeed reporter. Finally, David gives his shkoyakh to an ex-NDP candidate who recently visited Auschwitz, and Sam applauds the German government for their strong stance against holocaust denialism (by the Prime Minister of Israel).

To avoid confusion,please pronounce the title with a gutteral “kh.”

For additional context on Canada’s role in the the global crisis of migration, listen to Episode 7: None is Too Many, in which we interview Sozan Savehilaghi about No One Is Illegal’s new multimedia project Never Home. Also check out Episode 41: Immigration, Exclusion, and False Apologies, for our interview with  Syed Hussan about the Canadian government’s upcoming apology for turning away Jews fleeing the Nazis, and how this fits into Canada’s immigration history. Finally, Episode 34: What the Hell Is Going on in Quebec, provides some background on the continuing rise of Islamophobia in Québec. We spoke with Houda Asal, historian, sociologist, activist, and author of the recent book ‘Se Dire Arabe au Canada.‘ We talked about the history of Anti-Arab racism in Québec, how it relates to Islamophobia, and what we can learn from past migrant struggles against racism.

Show Notes – Episode 9: Half Chai and the Fight for 15


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