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Yoni Goldstein, editor of the Canadian Jewish News joins us to talk about partisan politics and the Jewish media, as well as his role in changes at Canada’s largest Jewish newspaper.

On this episode David theorizes about Harry Potter’s anti-Semitism, while Sam asks if there’s much difference between Rosh Hashanah greetings from one politician to another. We discuss Federation CJA’s failed attempt at online advertorials, and the Quebec government’s new legislation that targets Muslims.

For more listening on the subject of Jewish media, check out our previous episodes on the subject. On Episode 19: The End of Leftist Jewish Publishing in Canada we spoke with the editor of Outlook Magazine Carl Rosenberg, to talk about closing the doors on Canada’s last remaining leftist Jewish publication. And on Episode 38: A Resurgence of Leftist Jewish Media we interviewed Ben Ratskoff (editor of PRTCLS) and Jacob Plitman (editor of Jewish Currents) about what’s led to this upsurge in the Jewish left, generational divides, the role of secularism, and what’s different about this moment.

Show Notes: Episode 6 – Jewish Media and Partisan Politics


Federation CJA and Jewish Stereotypes

Quebec Government’s “hate crime” legislation

Strange Holocaust Related News


Interview with Yoni Goldstein